About MidNite Solar, Inc.

MidNite Solar is an innovative manufacturing company that started by making high quality, cost effective AC and DC disconnect boxes for the alternative energy industry. Now, MidNite produces a wide range of alternative energy products.

MidNite’s Classic series of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers are the most powerful, full featured controllers on the market as well as being the only ETL listed controllers designed to work with Solar, Wind, and Micro Hydro Electric systems.

MidNite offers a full line of pre-wired, battery based systems for standalone off grid, battery based grid tie, as well as AC coupled battery backup installations. MidNite features SMA, Schneider / Xantrex and Magnum Energy Inverters in our pre-wired systems, providing a wide range of solutions for residential and commercial projects.

MidNite Solar is the largest manufacturer of combiner boxes in North America. The new line of Disconnecting Combiner boxes are another industry first, meeting all of the new NEC requirements for this class of equipment.

MidNite’s full range of Surge Protection Devices (SPD) offer the highest levels of protection from lightning and power line surges. They’re very competitively priced.

This is just a few of the MidNite Solar products that are designed and manufactured in the Arlington Washington facility and installed in alternative energy systems around the world!

Check out our Corporate Website for more information.

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