There can be a lot of ins and outs for this kind of system; this Frequently Asked Questions page tries to answer questions and provides troubleshooting for the most common problems.

Warning to HughesNet and satellite Internet users

The latest network stack is incompatible with certain providers' packet schemes in regards to satellite Internet service. We regret this incompatibility but are unable to resolve the issue at this time. Please be sure to check with our staff or your Internet provider to verify whether MyMidNite will work for you.


What format is the "timestamp" column in exported data? How do I convert it to a time and date?

The "timestamp" column you see in exported data from the Local Application or MyMidNite is in Unix timestamp form. This is seconds since 1, January 1970. The following assumes you have a working knowledge of spreadsheets. Please consult the documentation for your spreadsheet program for further details.

To convert it into a Spreadsheet-friendly time/date create a new column using the following formula:

=((([TIMESTAMP CELL]/60)/60)/24)+DATE(1970,1,1)+([TIMEZONE OFFSET]/24)

Replace [TIMEZONE OFFSET] with your Classic's timezone (eg. US EST = -5, UTC/GMT = 0, etc.)
Replace [TIMESTAMP CELL] with the cell address containing the Unix timestamp (e.g. A7, A8, A9, etc.)

The resultant number will still be incomprehensible until you format it to display as the time/date of your choice. Highlight the new column containing the formula and right-click to enter the "Format Cells" menu. Select the "Numbers" tab and select either Date or Time. Select the display format of your choice. The new column should now represent the timezone-corrected date and time for each sample point.

How often does MyMidNite log data? Can I increase the frequency?

The Classic attempts to contact the MyMidNite server once every 5 minutes. Due to server load, however, the Classic is only allowed to dump data at 10 minute intervals. You may also see sample times as long as 15 minutes due to clock discrepancies between the server and the Classic, however.
Unfortunately our server is tuned to allow the most data for the number of expected customers so we are unable to increase the logging frequency at the moment. This may change as we tweak performance, however.

How much data does MyMidNite store? Can I pay for longer/more storage?

We currently store 1 years' worth of high-resolution data on our server. You can download the data at anytime with the export feature of the site. At the moment we cannot afford to store more data on the site and we cannot charge you for more storage. We will re-examine this model in the future though.

What is the Device ID anyways?

The device ID is a username, of sorts, to let it be identified by the MyMidNite server. This number is a random value assigned to each classic separately from the Serial Number. The two are separate to make it more difficult for a malicious third party to "guess" a username.

I'm concerned about my privacy and the privacy of my data.

You should be, especially in light of recent events. MyMidNite uses an encrypted channel to authenticate devices and transmit data. The communications channel is secured with a one-time-key which means that the encryption key changes everytime the webserver and device communicate. This makes it very difficult to decrypt communications packets.
We also give you the ability to turn off this remote data logging channel if you would rather that no data be presented to the web. This is actually the default for our devices giving you control over your data.


I've logged in, why can't I see my Classic?

MyMidNite allows you to group your Classics into systems. This way users with multiple installations can separate them out to see what is going on in each separately. By default any new devices appear under UNASSIGNED so that you can assign them as you wish. First click on the Management tab to see the management configuration page. Now click the large plus Icon in order to create a new system. Once the system is created, simply click and drag your device into the system you created. If you now click on the Overview tab you should be able to see your system and device.
If when you log onto the site you don't see any Tabs or devices, just a blank website, it is possible that you are using an incompatible browser. Also, be sure that you have JAVASCRIPT enabled otherwise the site won't work. Some variants of Internet Explorer simply do not work with our website. The site has been tested and works with most modern variants of Opera, Chrome, Safari, and FireFox. While it's not fair of us to ask you to use a different browser than your favorite, we also don't have the manpower to develop essentially a completely different website to remain compatible with I.E.

Where do I enter my password?

When you create an account you will not be prompted for a password right away. Instead a welcome email will be sent to your registered email address with a one-time link that is used to activate your account. It is after you click this link that you will be able to choose a password for your account.

I registered, but I did not receive a welcome email yet?

It can take some time for the welcome email to be sent out depending how busy the server is. If you have waited more than 24 hours and have still not received the welcome email, please contact technical support. Please have the email and username with which you registered ready so we can get you up and running ASAP.

I have more than one Classic, why can I only enter the information for one at registration?

MyMidNite asks for a valid device ID and MAC address combination when registering for an account in order to limit our service to customers. We may in the future offer accounts to enthusiasts but for the moment we can only afford to support customers. You can add more devices to your account under the Management tab. Simply click the Add Devices icon and enter the information for as many devices as you like.

MyMidNite will not accept the device ID and MAC address for my Classic / MyMidNite will not let me register because it says the MAC address / Device ID are an invalid combination?

  • First lets make sure you do not have the version of classic code that has the mac address bug, The mac address is 6 sections the first 4 sections should read 60:1d:0f:00 if the 3rd and 4th section read ff:ff enter them as 0f:00
  • First, double check that you are entering the device ID and MAC address correctly, they are tricky numbers to enter.
  • Second, if you are using the Local Application to get the Device ID, make sure that it is the most recent version. Versions prior to 0.3.26 had a bug which sometimes displayed the Device ID incorrectly.
  • Third, the Local Application reports some Device IDs wrong. Device IDs with a leading zero in the bottom half of the number get reported without it. For example the Local App might report a number of A123 567. In this case the proper number is A123 0567. We are working on a fix for the Local Application.
  • Fourth, it is possible that you have a brand, spanking, new system through an RMA or direct from our warehouse and its information has not yet been added to the web server. We usually keep the two databases updated on a biweekly basis so it's possible that you've just missed the window. Try again in a day or so or contact Technical Support.

MyMidNite says that my device is already registered?

In this case it's possible that your device has been incorrectly assigned to a debug account or there is a conflict in the database. Contact technical assistance and we'll sort it out for you.

I have added a Device that no longer exists due to RMA, return, other; how do I remove it?

At the moment there is no facility for users to remove assigned devices. This is because your account is strongly associated with the device with which you registered the account. However, we will be adding this feature in the future. For now, you can contact us using the contact form linked at the bottom of your user page with the Device ID of the unit you want removed and we will happily do it for you.

Trouble Shooting

Where is my data? What does no data available mean?

This simple question has a complicated answer. "No Data Available" means that there is no data for the time period you selected. However, it can also mean that your device is not calling in. If there is a warning icon displayed on the unit's badge then it can mean that your device is truant and has not called in to the server in over 2 weeks.

My Classic is not showing up on MyMidNite

MYMIDNITE2 Will not work with firmware prior to version 2079. To use the new MyMidNite you MUST upgrade your devices firmware and make sure the MM override setting is OR (NOTE THAT THIS IS A DIFFERENT ADDRESS FROM THE ORIGINAL MYMIDNITE)
This is the biggie. There are many reasons for this. We have identified the following problems:

  • Is it plugged in? The Classic is NOT WIFI-ready so you will have to plug it into your network with an Ethernet cable or plug the Ethernet connection into a WIFI bridge configured for your network. The Classic also has to be configured correctly on your network in order to operate. Usually the DHCP setting should sort out the details, but if it still isn't working you will need to switch the unit to STATIC mode and manually configure it.
  • DHCP. We have taken great pains to make it as conformal as possible to the DHCP standard, however the Classic's DHCP engine still does not play nicely with some routers.
  • DNS. There are a lot of DNS servers out there. We are unable to test with each one and the Classic's dinky DNS engine does not play nicely with all of them.
  • Slow networks. The Classic does not require a high-bandwidth network connection; however, it does require a fairly low-latency one. By doing a speed test, you should be able to check the ping speed. If this is much greater than 100ms or so then you might have trouble accessing MyMidNite.

See the Advanced Trouble Shooting section for more detailed explanations and solutions for these problems.

I changed the port number of my Classic and now it's not dialing into MyMidNite?

The port number should have no effect on MyMidNite communication whatsoever. This is only a listening socket and does not influence MyMidNite connections. Make sure that you didn't inadvertently change some other setting like accidentally changing the DNS values or disabling Web Access. See advanced Troubleshooting for more information.

Advanced Troubleshooting

I get a couple days' worth of data and then my device stops calling in?

If your device is falling off the network every few days, try enabling the A-RST feature. This will reset the Classic overnight which will clear up any accumulated network errors which might cause the Classic to stop dialing into MyMidNite. It is especially encouraged to enable this feature if your device is located in a remote or relatively inaccessible area.

I can only connect to the Classic with one Network connection/Network device -- why is that?

In our design of the Classic, we elected to design in only one listening "socket" to the device. This was a decision based on security, available resources, and usage cases. This means that the Classic only supports one network connection at a time. If you need to connect with multiple devices, check out our Forum where there has been a lot of selfless work done by some really nice folks on a data proxy for the Classic: the "Black Box" project.

My Device is not showing up on MyMidNite / My Device stopped talking to MyMidNite

The first thing to verify here is that your device has firmware capable of dialing into MyMidNite.For the Classic series, firmware revisions 1401 and higher are capable of reliably dialing into the web server.

If your firmware is up-to-date, make sure that you can connect to the Classic using the Local Application – this way you can make sure that all the network configuration is correct.

We have found that there can be a lot of noise on the Ethernet cable due to switching noise from the Classic. This is normally not a problem unless you have a particularly long Ethernet cable. Try to limit data cable runs from the Classic to 3'-6' (1-2m) straight to a powered switch or router for best communication results. We've had good results using wireless bridges as well.

Note that success with the Local App does not necessarily mean that the connection to MyMidNite will work well. The Local Application polls the Classic once every 2 seconds which means you can still lose a lot of data and still see good results on the control panel. The connection to MyMidNite happens once every 10 minutes which means that bad communications are much more obvious.

If your device is still not calling into the server we have found a few tried-and-tested ways to get it online:


  • Set the Network type to STATIC. This can be done on the MNGP->NET menu or the Local Applications Config->Tech menu
  • Make sure that the D2/MM/DNS Override value is set to
  • If the D2/MM/DNS Override is set to and the unit still isn't dialing in then change it to, THEN REBOOT THE UNIT.
  • Note that any changes to the D2/MM/DNS Override value require the Classic to be power-cycled to take effect. Also please note that it can take up to 20 minutes for data to start showing up on MyMidNite so give it about that much time after making any changes to the network settings.

Classic Lite

  • Set any of the DIP switches to "Custom" mode. (Note that this DISABLES the MNLP and you will have to do any further configuration of the unit using the Local Application.
  • Using the Local Application set the Network type to STATIC. This can be found in the Config->Tech menu
  • Make sure that the D2/MM/DNS Override value is set to
  • If the D2/MM/DNS Override is set to and the unit still isn't dialing in then change* it to, THEN REBOOT THE UNIT.
  • Note that any changes to the D2/MM/DNS Override value require the Classic to be power-cycled to take effect. Also please note that it can take up to 20 minutes for data to start showing up on MyMidNite so give it about that much time after making any changes to the network settings.

If your device still does not dial in after trying these steps, please contact us with your device ID or serial number and we'll try to get you up and running.