MidNite Solar Local Application

The most recent releases of the Local Application will regrettably no longer support Linux users due to Adobe's decision to end support for Adobe AIR© on Linux. We are disappointed with this decision but understand that companies must move with profitable markets sometimes to the detriment of others. Thankfully all hope is not lost. The newer release of the Local Application will leverage Adobe AIR 3.2 features which have a GOLD rating runing under wine.

Click the Graphic to the Left to download the MidNite Solar Local Application which enables you to monitor your Classics over your local network or the Internet. It is compatible with Windows© 7, Vista, and XP; Mac OS X © and Linux (verified on KUbuntu, Ubuntu ©)
PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER TO DOWNLOAD THE LOCAL APPLICATION. Just click the Install Now button on the image on the left to begin downloading the application.
  • Monitors as many Classics as you've got in the same application.
  • Reports on all alert conditions.
  • Instant Status display incorporating Classic Type, MPPT mode, Battery charge status, AUX mode and status; PCB, FET, and Battery Temperature.
  • Alert status available on the Alerts Menu as well as icon status displayed in the Power Meter.
  • Constant monitoring and display of instantaneous Input Voltage, Energy (kwh), Power, and Batter Voltage and Current.
  • Reports Daily kW hours, Amp Hours, and Float Time, Lifetime kW hours and Amp Hours.
  • Two second resolution data capture while running.
  • Full resolution data exportable as a .csv file compatible with Excel, Open Office Calc, and Libre Office Calc, and all major spreadsheet programs.
  • Calendar Control makes date selection easy.
  • Plots up to 12 values from the classic : Battery Voltage, kWh, Total kWh, FET Temperature, Input Voltage, Watts, Total Amp Hours, PCB Temp, Battery Current, Input Current, Battery Temp, Charge Stage.
  • Four different charts available.
  • Saves captured data internally to recall whenever you like.
  • Auto-detects classics on the local network.
  • Connects to Remote Classics over the Internet (Static-IP or Dynamic-IP with URL both supported).
  • Production information for the Classic.
  • Auto-update when new features are available.